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August 11, 2022

Rep. Kirkpatrick Announces Unprecedented Grant for City of Tucson 22nd Street Revitalization Project

Secures Funding for Huge Priority Project

(Tucson, AZ) Today, Rep. Kirkpatrick announces the Department of Transportation will be designating a Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) Grant to the City of Tucson for the 22nd Revitalization Project. Rep. Kirkpatrick made the announcement today with Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Senator Mark Kelly and Tucson Mayor Regina Romero in Tucson.

The $25 million grant will be used to address structural deficiencies at the 22nd street bridge, a transit route that connects busy Interstate 10 to the eastern edge of the city along a heavily commercialized corridor. The 22nd street bridge is a major east-west arterial and a designated Freight Rail Corridor that is part of the Regional Transportation Authority’s $2.1 billion, 20-year plan.

The RAISE funding will support the City’s plan to replace the existing 22nd Street Bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad. The current bridge cannot support heavy vehicles, including trucks, buses and emergency medical services. These vehicles are currently required to take an alternate route – resulting in increased congestion and trip times, and delayed shipping times.

“The 22nd street bridge is an important corridor in our community, and I am grateful to see this project get the funding it deserves. Transportation projects like this are vital to the success of our community. I have always said that these are the kinds of projects that Congress should be funding. The strength of our economy relies on roads, bridges, and infrastructure we use every day.” said Rep. Kirkpatrick

The 22nd Street Revitalization Project will widen 22nd street by 2 lanes and will include bike and pedestrian corridors, as well as broadband conduit.

“Increasing capacity on 22nd street will reconnect our communities and facilitate a necessary east-west economic and transportation corridor between downtown Tucson and disconnected and underserved areas in the city. This project will help close the gaps in our city’s transportation infrastructure, and support equitable access to resources and opportunities for all Tucsonans.” said Rep. Kirkpatrick

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