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March 21, 2022

Rep. Kirkpatrick Secures $600,000 for YMCA Drowning Prevention Services Facility Improvements

(Tucson, A.Z.) Today, Rep. Kirkpatrick announces $600,000 in federal funds have been appropriated to the YMCA of Southern Arizona for improvements to the Drowning Prevention Services Facility. This funding is part of Rep. Kirkpatrick’s Community Project Funding allocations included in the government funding package, “Omnibus” that passed last week. 

These funds will be used towards capital improvements of the drowning prevention services facility within the Lohse Family YMCA located in downtown Tucson. The upgrades include pool surface replacement, drainage repairs, accessibility alterations such as chair lifts and handrails, pumps, related equipment, exterior alterations, and labor and materials. The drowning prevention services facility provides critical life-saving swim programs to underserved communities, including refugees and families living at or below the poverty level. 

“I am incredibly proud that we were able to allocate significant funding to go directly to our local YMCA,” said Rep. Kirkpatrick. “The YMCA offers impactful programs for underserved communities. This funding deliverable will help them renovate their swim facilities to ensure equipment is up to date and our children are safe.” 

The opportunity Rep. Kirkpatrick and the THUD committee has provided us to renovate our drowning prevention services facility at our Lohse Family YMCA, located in downtown Tucson, will significantly impact our community,” said Kurtis Dawson, President/CEO of the YMCA of Southern Arizona, says. Support of our project will help us teach children in underserved communities life-saving swim skills. It will enhance their quality of life, build their confidence to succeed today and in the future, and expand opportunities for career development. With the completion of this project, over 400 children from low-income families, including 100 from the refugee community, will be served annually. How our community thrives in the future greatly depends on how we come together to nurture the potential of our children. This opportunity provides the Y with the ability to improve our children’s lives today and strengthen the foundation of our community for years to come. We are very grateful for Rep. Kirkpatrick, her staff team, and all the Congress members on the THUD committee.” 

In total, Rep. Kirkpatrick secured $13,787,049 in various Community Project Funding designations. See the full list here.

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