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February 9, 2021

Rep. Kirkpatrick Launches Appropriations Season

Hosts first informational presentation for stakeholders

(TUCSON, AZ) — Today, the Office of Rep. Kirkpatrick held its very first informational presentation on the appropriations process, engaging with stakeholders statewide. The presentation, which ordinarily is held in person, was transitioned online into a Zoom webinar format due to the ongoing pandemic. Staff walked participants through a step-by-step explanation of the congressional appropriations process, how to submit their funding requests, and more. 

“One of the great parts of sitting on the House Appropriations Committee is that it affords myself and staff opportunities to build strong relationships with local advocates around the district and state,” said Rep. Kirkpatrick. “Hearing from different groups about their visions for our state reignites my drive and passion to work for Arizonans every single day.

“In the past, I’ve been able to successfully deliver key funding to infrastructure projects, critical defense programs, energy and water initiatives, and others. I look forward to continuing this important work this year.” 

Participants, which range from city government officials to environmental activist groups, were instructed to fill out the Congresswoman’s FY 2022 Appropriations Request Form, located on the website. Responses are due by March 5, 2021. The Congresswoman and her staff comb through these requests and ultimately bring them to their respective committees, where the real work begins.

“It was amazing to see so many participants on the webinar today,” added District Director Karla Avalos. “We are very excited to kick off appropriations season and work with our local partners to deliver funding back to our communities at home.” 

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