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January 22, 2021

ICYMI: Rep. Kirkpatrick Secures Huge Funding Win for Childhood & Adolescent Cancer Research

(WASHINGTON, DC) — The Office of Rep. Kirkpatrick released the following statement. Rep. Kirkpatrick voted to pass the Omnibus funding bill for 2021, in which she secured $115 million in Congressionally-directed defense spending for the larger Peer-Reviewed Cancer Research category. 

At the Congresswoman’s request, cancers found in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults are now eligible under larger peer-reviewed cancer research programs (PCRP) in the Defense Health Program. The funds provided in the peer-reviewed cancer research program are now directed to conduct research in the following areas that were not funded in the 2020 budget: sarcoma cancers, germ Cell cancers, thyroid cancer, colorectal cancer, as well as pediatric, adolescent, and young adult cancers.

“I am so proud that my office was able to deliver this report language to benefit childhood and young adult cancer research,” said Rep. Kirkpatrick. “Cancer has taken far too many precious lives from families. Research, particularly in an area that has been overlooked for too long, offers a glimpse of hope into prevention — so that not one more family has to endure the devastating loss of their child to cancer.”

86% of active military members fall within what the National Institute of Health defines as adolescents and young adults (ages 15-39). Of this 86%, those who die of disease are most likely to die from cancer. These cancers have unique genetic and biological features that are significantly under-researched, leading to poor outcomes and morbidity. It has been 40 years since cancers in adolescents and young adults have seen an improvement in treatments.

“We want to thank Congresswoman Kirkpatrick and her staff for their tireless efforts on behalf of our active duty service members and their families when it comes to the war on cancer,” said Dean Crowe, Founder and CEO of the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research.

“For the first time ever, the report language also included sarcomas, Hodgkin lymphoma, germ cell and thyroid cancer. This is a victory for every child, teenager and young adult fighting cancer. We are excited that life-saving peer-reviewed research will now be funded and game-changing discoveries made because of Representative Kirkpatrick’s vision and selfless efforts.”  


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