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January 6, 2021

Rep. Kirkpatrick Condemns Violence & Mass Assault on Our Democracy

(Washington, DC) — Tonight, the Office of Rep. Kirkpatrick responds to ongoing violence and disruption of democratic processes in the nation’s capital. Rep. Kirkpatrick and her staff remain safe and locked down. 

“Today will go down as a dark day in American history,” Rep. Kirkpatrick said. “What should have been a peaceful, honored, and routine process — the congressional certification of electoral votes — was shattered by senseless violence incited by the lame duck president. 

“Make no mistake: today’s acts have been brewing for four years under the outgoing president. The cowardly assault on our democracy is not new — it’s simply more visible. It paves the way for a terribly slippery slope to fascism. 

“Those who infiltrated the Capitol Building and threatened the lives of law enforcement, journalists, elected officials, essential workers, and many others, will not bring down democracy. Together, we are stronger than the mob. 

“When it becomes safe to do so, we will return to the People’s House and affirm the people’s choice. Once we complete our certification, the work to regain our country and our values will begin immediately — and we will do so with grace, dignity, and honor.”

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