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December 21, 2020

Rep. Kirkpatrick Votes to Pass Omnibus Appropriations and Coronavirus Relief Package

Democrats Secure Substantial Investments in Critical Priorities; Legislation Provides $900 Billion in Urgent Coronavirus Relief

WASHINGTON — Tonight, Rep. Kirkpatrick issued the following statement after the passage of the omnibus spending bill consisting of all 12 fiscal year 2021 appropriations bills, coronavirus relief, and authorizations.

The measure was considered as a divided question, with Divisions B, C, E, and F being agreed to on a bipartisan 327 to 85 vote and the remainder of the legislation being adopted by a bipartisan 359 to 53 vote.

“Tonight, we completed the long awaited appropriations process. As Arizona’s appropriator, I’m proud of the work my office has done to ensure our state receives the resources it needs and deserves. This spending package invests in the American people, in our national defense, economic opportunity projects, and programs for our vulnerable communities. I look forward to sharing more of the specific Arizona funding wins over the next few days,” said Rep. Kirkpatrick.

The more than $1.4 trillion fiscal year 2021 appropriations omnibus furthers House Democrats’ commitment to investing For The People with substantial increases to non-defense spending alongside small increases for defense-related programs.

In addition to the fiscal year 2021 appropriations bills, the spending package contains $900 billion in emergency coronavirus relief to protect the lives and livelihoods of the American people.

“Now, the COVID-19 relief part of this bill is not perfect, but action is urgent. In Arizona, we have seen some of the worst devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, relief for southern Arizona families has been long overdue. My colleagues and I have been fighting long and hard to pass a COVID relief bill and I am relieved we can deliver something today. While we did not secure every priority we sought, we are now able to provide temporary relief,” said Rep. Kirkpatrick. “This bill will help make a down payment on giving our communities resources they need to help distribute vaccines, and provide vital support to families and local businesses.” 

The spending package also includes a number of other matters outside the Appropriations Committee’s jurisdiction and negotiated by bipartisan, bicameral leadership.

The text of the spending package, H.R. 133, is available here. The joint explanatory statement for Front Matter is here, Division A here, Division B here, Division C here, Division D here, Division E here, Division F here, Division G here, Division H here, Division I here, Division J here, Division K here, and Division L  here.

A division-by-division summary of the appropriations provisions is here. A division-by-division summary of the coronavirus relief provisions is here. A division-by-division summary of the authorizing matters is here.

One-page fact sheets on critical Democratic priorities included among the appropriations provisions, the coronavirus relief provisions, and the authorizing matters are herehere, and here respectively.

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