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August 11, 2020

ICYMI: Rep. Kirkpatrick Joins Women Veterans Task Force

(Tucson, AZ) — Today, Rep. Kirkpatrick released the following statement on joining the House Veterans Affairs Committee’s Women Veterans Task Force (WVTF.) 

“I am proud to represent a district with one of the highest percentages of veterans nationwide, and I continue to fight for impactful legislation that honors their service. It’s a privilege to work alongside women veterans in Congress, to have them join my staff, and to represent them in Congress,” said Rep. Kirkpatrick. 

The demographics of the U.S. military are rapidly changing. Women now make up 20% of the military and 10% of our veteran population. However, the needs of women veterans have not been adequately met by existing policies and veteran institutions. 

During her previous terms in Congress, Rep. Kirkpatrick served on the House Veterans Affairs Committee. She co-sponsored several pieces of legislation that granted veterans more benefits and improved care. As a member of the WVTF, Rep. Kirkpatrick can advocate for new policies for equitable access to healthcare, resources, benefits, and economic opportunities.

“Our policies must progress in order to reflect the populations they serve — this means addressing military structures that perpetuate discrimination and violence against women. Most recently, we saw these structures fail us with the tragic murder of Spc. Vanessa Guillen. Her death was avoidable, and I stand with her family in demanding a Congressional investigation.

“As the number of women in the military grows, we must address the disparities women veterans face,” said Rep. Kirkpatrick. “As an off-committee member of the Women Veterans Task Force, I will continue honoring all veterans by pushing for inclusive and holistic policy.”

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