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July 15, 2020

AZ WIN: Rep. Kirkpatrick Delivers Funds for AZ to Implement Drought Contingency Plans

Robust Funding for Renewable Energy Research 

Tucson, AZ) — Rep. Kirkpatrick announces major funding victory for Arizona. The House Appropriations Committee approved the fiscal year 2021 Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies bill on a vote of 30 to 21. The legislation funds the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Department of the Interior programs, the Department of Energy, and other related agencies.

“In Arizona, we’re constantly thinking about ways to sustain living in the desert. In doing this, we come together to emphasize the value of our limited resources — like our water in the Colorado River and Lake Mead. It is critically important to ensure long-term projects like the DCP have the funding they need. I am committed to helping Arizona address severe and long-standing drought conditions and to supporting the economic vitality of farmers in the state. This secured funding reflects that commitment,” said Rep. Kirkpatrick. 

Rep. Kirkpatrick’s Arizona priorities were successfully included and approved in today’s vote. Some of the toplines the Rep. Kirkpatrick highlighted, include

  • Robust funding for renewable energy research and deployment, including solar and wind capabilities that will expand our clean energy industries and independence in Arizona
  • Funds for Arizona to implement its Drought Contingency Plan
  • Research funding for our universities to continue groundbreaking research on water resources and drought resiliency in the Southwest
  • The prevention of funds from this bill from being used for nuclear weapon testing and border wall construction.

Throughout Ann’s career, she has worked with state and federal leaders to help navigate the negotiations of the Drought Contingency Plan agreement between the seven Western states of the Colorado River Basin to address the increasing risk of drought driven by climate change.

“I am pleased that the House Appropriations Committee approved the fiscal year 2021 Energy and Water bill with critically important funding for implementation of the Arizona Drought Contingency Plan.  I want to express my appreciation to Congresswoman Kirkpatrick for her exceptional work on the Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee in leading efforts to have this funding included in the bill, which will give the Bureau of Reclamation the resources to ensure federal government promises to Pinal County farmers are kept,” said Pinal County Supervisor Stephen Q. Miller.     

“On behalf of the Pinal County irrigation districts we represent, I want to thank Congresswomen Kirkpatrick for securing funding for Pinal County farmers from her position on the House Appropriations Committee.  This funding, if ultimately signed into law, will provide the Bureau of Reclamation with the direct means to fulfill federal commitments to support development of infrastructure that Pinal County farmers expect as an integral part of the Arizona Drought Contingency Plan,” said Paul Orme, General Counsel to Central Arizona Irrigation and Drainage District, Maricopa Stanfield Irrigation and Drainage District, New Magma Irrigation & Drainage District, Electrical District No. 3 of Pinal County, and Queen Creek Irrigation District.      

In her two years on the Appropriations Committee, Ann has been instrumental in securing funds for the implementation of Arizona’s DCP. She has worked tirelessly to bring together community leaders, the Arizona delegation on both sides of the aisle and the Bureau of Reclamation to move forward with a plan to preserve Arizona’s water supply.

For fiscal year 2021, the Energy and Water Development bill invests $49.6 billion in Energy and Water Development programs, an increase of $1.26 billion, or 3 percent, above the fiscal year 2020 enacted level. To respond to the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing economic recession, the bill provides an additional $43.5 billion in emergency spending.

A summary of the bill is here. The text of the bill, prior to adoption of amendments in full committee, is here. The bill report is here.

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