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September 26, 2019

U.S. Rep. Kirkpatrick Announces Subcommittee Designations

Washington, D.C. –  Rep. Kirkpatrick issued the following statement in response to the unveiling of subcommittee assignments. Rep. Kirkpatrick will serve on the Appropriations Committee and has been designated to the following three subcommittees: Defense, Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies and the Financial Services subcommittee.

“Defense, energy and water are central to Southern Arizona,” said Kirkpatrick “I am honored to be on such valuable subcommittees that directly impact the unique features of our district, including our military bases and infrastructure. Our defense industry plays such a huge economic role in Southern Arizona, so being assigned a seat at the table is an incredible gain for our region.”

As a member of the Committee on Appropriations, Congresswoman Kirkpatrick will work to ensure Arizona’s priorities are represented when our nation’s funding decisions are made. Kirkpatrick will advocate for working Arizonans by prioritizing good schools, economic development, affordable higher education, quality health care, robust infrastructure and our competitive defense industry. 

Learn more about the Defense Subcommittee HERE.

Learn more about the Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Subcommittee HERE.

Learn more about Financial Services Subcommittee HERE.  


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