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Government shutdown facts

10 ways a government shutdown could affect you:

1. SENIORS' & VETERANS' BENEFITS, JOBLESS AID: Social Security, veterans disability and unemployment benefits could be delayed if the shutdown is prolonged. Medicare and Medicaid payment processing could also be delayed.

2. PASSPORTS: People who are planning a trip and need a passport could get stuck in limbo as passport services are shut down.

3. STUDENT LOANS: New student-loan applications for federal money to help pay for college would most likely not be processed.

4. SMALL BUSINESS LOANS: Small businesses seeking loans from the SBA would be put on hold.

5. GUN PERMITS: Applications for gun permits could be delayed because processing them would most likely not be considered an essential function for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

6. MEDICAL RESEARCH: Medical research at the National Institutes of Health would be disrupted.

7. COURT CASES: Federal bankruptcy cases and delinquent child-support cases may not be heard.

8. FHA MORTGAGE LOANS: Mortgage loans could be delayed because the Federal Housing Administration would likely close.

9. PAYCHECKS: Federal employees and government contractors would not be paid.

10. PARKS & FORESTS: National parks, forests and monuments could close.


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